Granny light

Lampe à poser

Fun, colourful, unique and durable, the Granny Light defines a new approach to lighting.
Fun : The plasticity of the Granny Light’s knitted lampshade bag allows you to change its shape and make it your
own. With endless permutations possible, you can change its shape every day. The principle is simple : adjust
the intensity of the light by changing the shape of the bag. Colourful : Available in an exceptional palette of 18 different colours, you are sure to find a Granny Light to suit the atmosphere in your interior.
Unique : After the much-acclaimed Granny Chair, our granny knitters are applying their unique skills to making these lamps. The lampshade is similar to a paper bag except that it is knitted, making each lamp a unique piece. Durable : The lampshade is made from marine rope which is very strong and non-flammable.

W18 x D18 x H40 cm

Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks

Made in France

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